The book that is made by you

14.5.18 / 13:42:20
L.S., If you only listen to cnn, you're not
well informed. My conclusion therefore is:
listen to FOX World! Jaap, The Hague
29.1.17 / 20:54:43
L.S. Have fun. Zondag met Lubach ZML
22-1-2017 Trump, from the 4th. minute of
the film. On the official web site of
2.1.17 / 22:36:15
L.S.,Let's hope, we'll get new chances,and
stay healthy again!
19.5.16 / 23:33:53
L.S., Why don't you go to Den Haag: Tong Tong Fair Pasar Malam, the biggest on our globe; 28 May 2016 till and incl. 5 June 2016. Tabé, Japp
10.2.16 / 7:25:57
25.1.16 / 7:21:16
L.S. "To hell and back" Ian Kershaw.
3.1.16 / 18:07:52
L.S.! Good 2016, and 67th.
2.12.15 / 20:55:04
L.S.,"Ceská Mse Vánocní"Jaap-Jan Ryba.
Your Jaap
26.11.15 / 0:15:16
When i embrace you, i embrace God, Who is Your God, also. You are that ONLY-one, E. Jaap '66.
1.10.15 / 10:16:56
For even better understanding: not "somebody":"any body".(courriel 30-9-2015)
30.9.15 / 7:44:59
07h. 34.;34 repeat. 17 yrs. 1966;(not) superstitious.(vide previous message)
30.9.15 / 7:34:34
...i (do) forgive,but never avoid you or somebody else.(vide "29-9-2015")
11.8.15 / 9:31:45
This is (in) our - yes, in a Sense it is!-
50th.yr.:from W,Aug.10th.1966.
5.6.15 / 10:09:22
Good morning,June5 2015! D.V.i won't be ill/dead when you won't hear me:spend some of my energy in Choir tennis cycling,most of all:swimming nearby: SCHEVENINGEN;eVeN better than this,your,site!
27.5.15 / 22:49:39
How are you? Again self sing in KozakkenKoor,Den Haag,our Dirigentica: Russian.Earlier,also KozakkenKoor,Dirigent is Jew;as you know in Limburg.You guess Who is better. Japi.P.S.She very good.
16.3.15 / 17:00:01
Hi she! Saw your foto, and immediately recognized you, in your later years.
11.3.15 / 8:11:05
L.S., Even if your life were just suffering
you must be thankful...
2.3.15 / 17:43:38
L.S.! You could delete my "Kruidvat" 19.1.15 / 0:02:37.
Thanks, also for publishing.
25.1.15 / 20:18:19
Proof God exists: the Jews
21.1.15 / 8:36:45
L.S.,For good picture you (also) read: "..
our marriage.."(18.1.15), possible advice.
19.1.15 / 9:40:36
L.S., Thanks to Abraham Israel Pereyra Willem-Alexander is king.
19.1.15 / 0:02:37
Shop "Kruidvat":"Steeds verrassend="Stets Ueberraschend." Boring!
18.1.15 / 23:46:43
When i was writing i looked into the mirror in front of me and noticed to my surprise: left-handed!(self) I can't afford a NEW coat:no money; my friend can afford his OLD:rich.(my father) My marriage is better than MY neighbor's; my wife agrees:"Better than MY neighbor's."(self) My financial income lower than neighbor's,my bankaccount fatter.He loves football(soccer),Tour de France;i love to PLAY,love my bike.(self)
17.1.15 / 20:12:17
L.S., Since 11 August 1966 i miss a limb. Day earlier this was blessed, is still Happied and Blessed,and inherent in this WE
9.1.15 / 10:56:57
L.S., mr.Dave Allen put it:"I'm atheist,thank God. You can't see the mountains - in U.K.- when it rains;when you can,it's going to rain. Etc. May your god go with you."
8.1.15 / 21:11:11
"Boulevard" is - also - from Dutch (word): bolwerk, as is "dollar" daalder, Brooklyn, and in the marine world, of course!, etc. What you think of Apartheid?
8.1.15 / 21:04:40
Nothing new:
mens sana in corpere sano.
Self having cold shower from time to time
Eva you remember!
Healthy New Year.
Now we must go to "Crazy Pianos", Boulevard Scheveningen, however, NOA EYL is my and my daughter's sweetheart-top (of the top).
Dr Carol Leitschuh, University of Minnesota USA
9.2.10 / 11:38:39
Hi Jana!

It was so nice of you to send me the great drawing!! My work is very busy now and I am looking for another job. They cut my position while I was in Europe. I have 4 applications out and will probably know more about a job in late April.

I have some nice pictures of the kids when we went out for our coffee. Ill try and send them to you later!

Take good care and Happy New Year to you too. Lets stay in contact! Dr Carol
18.6.09 / 21:04:59
Das ist sehr schön!!!Kinder sind so glücklich. Team ist sehr sympathisch. Fotos sind wunderbar. Ich drücke die Daumen :) :)
Anne-Mieke Buist
14.5.09 / 15:48:22
Thank you for taking the time to give us a tour at Blanicka. We loved to see how you work with the children. It is great to hear that the childern are happy and making progress. Thanks again!

Anne-Mieke Buist
Pedagogy & Educational Sciences
Groningen University
The Netherlands
Dr Carol Leitschuh, University of Minnesota USA
9.4.09 / 15:19:12
At BLANICKA, the children come first children. This is a very important philosophy to have for teaching young children with disabilities. Each child is unique and special because they all come from a special set of parents, a special home, and a special neighborhood. Good teachers at BLANICKA take this into account when they work. Therefore, they are successful with the children and the children are happy and making developmental progress.

Dr Carol Leitschuh
Fulbright Scholar, CZ
University of Minnesota USA
Bernd Krönke, Commerzbank A6
1.4.09 / 15:34:16
Auch wenn wir uns bemüht haben mit unserer Unterstützung einen wichtigen Beibrag zur Wiederinstandsetzung dieses Hauses zu leisten, ist und bleibt das Wichtigste der Einsatz und die Arbeit der Betroffenen selbst.
Deswegen können wir hier die unermüdliche Arbeit von Fr. Malá und ihrer Kolleginnen zur bewundern.
1.4.09 / 14:26:24
Uu petit moment de bien etre dans cette maison qui respire de bonne humeur. Merci aux enfants et a toutes ces petites femmes qui font un travail magigue...
Bonne continuation
1.4.09 / 14:25:02
Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit with me. It warms my heart to see how well the children are doing. I am aslo glad to know that we encounter the same problems. I look forvard to staying in communication with you and hope to be able to visit again and invite you to visit my program one day.

Shantayia E. Williams
student of psychology, New York
1.4.09 / 14:24:15
I thank you most sincerely for the oportunity of working in your school. Through our assessment using MABC I have learned so much and have appreciated being in the company of such experienced and passionate teachers. These children are given the best start in life through your work here in tis school. I will take this experience book name with me.
Again, thank you very much for the oportunity.

Greek student